You’ll love to know there’s a World Nutella Day

We humans invent anniversaries and celebrations for almost everything. And you’ll love to know that February 5 is World Nutella Day. Could there be anything sweeter? It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy this delicious pleasure.

Because we already know it’s not at all healthy… but just once will not do much harm.

world nutella day

Why is there a World Nutella Day?

Nutella is probably the most famous chocolate and hazelnut cream in the world. The traditional recipe from the Italian Piedmont region has its origin in the 40s. But the cream version that we taste today, famous all over the world, began to be commercialized in 1963.

Since then, either spread on a loaf of bread, eaten through spoonfuls or used to make pastries, Nutella has conquered the palates of children. And also of the elderly.

world nutella day

Such is the passion many feel for Nutella that in 2007 an italian fan decided it deserved a holiday. And Nutella World Day was born. Today, fans from all over the world celebrate their love for this chocolate cream and share pictures and recipes on the internet.

The World Nutella Day keeps growing, and even has its own facebook page.

Nutella, delicious but not very healthy…

If you’re a Nutella fan (who isn’t?), enjoy February 5 and enjoy this tasty pleasure. But the rest of the year, eat it only in moderation.

world nutella day

Industrial Nutella we know today has little to do with the original one. One jar is sold in the world every 2 seconds. But more than half of it is nothing but sugar. And only 13% is real hazelnuts. Besides sugar, Nutella also contains additives, artificial aromas and palm oil.

This is precisely the main reason why it’s so harmful. Palm oil contains a lot of hydrogenated fats of dubious quality. That’s why doctors and nutritionists keep asking the food industry to limit its use and replace it with better ingredients.

Yet, palm oil is still present no only in Nutella, but also in the vast majority of the industrial and ultra processed product we find at the supermarket.

Does it really cause cancer?

Palm oil is also the reason why many doctors associate Nutella to cancer. The company has denied these accusations, saying palm oil has no negative effects on our health. However, experts are not sure.

It’s true that the EU and the WHO still don’t include palm oil on the list of carcinogenic ingredients. But suspicion remains, and becomes more and more solid.

Many studies link junk food and ultra processed products to certain types of cancer. So you know, enjoy your Nutella today. But better have some fruit tomorrow!