What fish oil can do for you

Omega 3: the secret of youth

We’re all focused on drinking a lot of water, eating vegetables in every meal and staying away from meat as much as possible. Well, then we’ve been missing a great friend for our health. Fish, more accurately fish oil, is one of the best elements in nature for us. And we will tell you why.

One of the fishes where we can find this oil is in salmon. It is one of the fishes with the highest levels of Omega 3 on them. It is also high in protein, so besides providing you with good fats it will fuel you with energy too.

There are several reasons why fish oil is great for our system. Not just on the outside but our inside. Let’s see what this oil can do for us and our health.

It’s great for your heart

It provides our body with Omega 3, which helps us prevent cardiovascular diseases. Fish oil fights heart failure and lowers our triglycerides levels, which are related to diabetes.

The fat acids of fish oil can expand our blood vessels, therefore will help our circulatory system remain healthy and strong.

Suffer from hypertension? A regular amount of fish oil will lower your blood pressure too.

Great for your skin

Omega 3 components maintain in our skin enzymes liberated because UV light. Then to prevent this effect, besides eat fish oil we can rub it up against our skin. It is amazing to moist dry skin and treat skin issues as redness, eczema, psoriasis and itching.

It also prevent us from wrinkles because its moisturizing properties. Another reason for it is because it contains the collagen in our skin, filling in the wrinkles and stretch marks.

… and our hair

The polyunsaturated acid fats in fish oil is the reason experts don’t recommend us to take this oil daily. But is this ingredient of this oil which helps our hair care.

This acids nourish our follicles. They are attached to our scalp. As we’ve seen before it maintains the moist in our skin. Then, as it is, this acid keeps the moist in our hair; making it stronger. It will help to prevent us from hair fall, improve hair quality and density.

Great for our brain

Fish oil keeps dopamine and serotonin production and function. These hormones can prevent us from psychosis, depression, Alzheimer and schizophrenia. It also can be good to people with attention deficit and TDA (hyperactivity).

Besides this info, it is convenient to go first to the doctor to know which medical procedures we have to follow if we suffer any issue. What we already know is this oil is good for us, but not a substitute of medication.

It is demonstrated that it is good for babies too. Because it helps them to concentrate and improve their mobility.

To prevent cholesterol

Cholesterol is an illness that we just can find out we have it if we do a blood test. Then theres no apparent reason to find it out by ourselves.

As it prevent us from blood vessels issues, it delays the process of arteriosclerosis and blood supply to our heart. It also prevent our system to absorb cholesterol when the food pass through the bowels. If it is taken with food which contain B12 Vitamin -as vegetables- will help even more to reduce and prevent us from cholesterol absorption.

To prevent us from cerebral stroke

Cerebral strokes is one of the highest reasons of death. It happens when a blood vessel is blocked or it breaks. And sadly, there is no way to find out why or when it could happen.

Omega 3 helps to reduce some of the risks facts of cerebral stroke which are: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and high levels of arterial pressure. Besides that, we have to be careful. It’s not good for us to take more than 46 grams of this oil per day. Because it could increase the level of fats in our blood and block our arteries and blood vessels.