This is the truth about fast food

You won’t believe what’s in your food

Are you sure you want to find out what’s hidden in your fast food?

truth about fast food

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for all the food regulation, including the labeling, food storage, handling and every other aspect concerning the safety of food.

In an attempt to fight diseases like diabetes and obesity, FDA says fast food chains must make the nutritional information of their products available to their clients.

But there’s still some things which our food may contain which the chains would never talk about. Your brger or peanut butter contains things like antibiotics or viruses.

Sometimes, much more diisgusting things can be found in your food, like pieces of insects or rodent’s hairs or poop.

These are part of the allowed substances, because according to the FDA these “defects” are part of the food process and growth.

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