7 superfoods that aren’t so super after all

7 superfoods which aren’t so super: activated charcoal

You’re not a real foodie if you don’t eat charcoal on a regular basis. Superfood lovers seem to be going wild about this food lately.

Black bread, black burger buns, black ice cream, black crackers… When it comes to food, black seems to be the new black.

But, is it really healthy or even safe to be eating charcoal?

It’s supposed to detox the body, taking in all the chemicals in our stomach before they’re absorbed by the body. Doctors say it’s safe, but only in small doses.

In big doses it could drain away the vitamin and mineral levels in our body. We don’t need any detox superfoods, doctors warn. Our body has the capacity to carry out the detox process by itself thanks to the job of the liver.

Also, forget about charcoal magically whitening your teeth in 5 minutes.

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