Can blood pressure be affected by caffeine?

Can coffee cause a heart attack?

Coffee contains caffeine which is a natural stimulant. The reason we love to take a cup of coffee could be by its flavour, because it feels good when it is hot at winter or because we think we need that amount of energy at morning. But can blood pressure be affected by caffeine?

Caffeine can cause a short but drastic increase in blood pressure. Even if you do not have high levels of blood pressure. The causes of this peak of the levels are unknown.

Caffeine doesn’t rise up the risk of suffer hypertension because this is a long-term desease. But if you are not used to drink coffee you should take care of you because caffeine can narrow you blood vessels. That could be the reason your blood levels are higher after take a cup of coffee.

Because it does increase our blood pressure levels we must be careful with it. If we have high levels of blood pressure we must go to check it. It is recommendable to check it before to take coffee and a half of an hour after having take it. Then we could know if it affect to our blood pressure.

If you have been recommended to decrease or stop the intake of coffee you better do it slowly. That’s because to stop providing your body with something that gives you energy could have consequences. As such as headaches, lack of concentration, tremors, anxiety and humor changes from two to ten days.

If you want to reduce your caffeine consume you need to do it in decrease. In that way you will reduce those disgraceful effects. You also can substitute coffee for another drink which provide you caffeine but in lower levels.

For example you could switch your coffee for a soda or a tea. They are also stimulants who will help you to have energy at the moment. But it is important to it follow a good diet which provide you all the nutrients you need.