Smile! Because bad mood makes you look old

Do you normally feel sad, angry or anxious? Cosmetic products will do no good if you do not improve your mood. Because the latest studies confirm that bad mood makes you look old and worsens your health.

bad mood makes you look old

Our health depends not only on a good nutrition, physical exercise and other healthy habits. Moods also affect our body, inside and out.

Stress and depression are two of the most widespread emotional problems of our time. And they make our organs and our appearance suffer. Because experts say that bad mood makes you look old, since they make skin age much faster than normal. In particular, researchers talk about … our skin aging 3,000 times faster!

How does a bad mood affect your skin?

bad mood makes you look old

Feeling anger or being in a bad mood have many consequences in our face. Maybe the most obvious is the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Being angry will give us a permanent wrinkled frown, mark wrinkles in our forehead and on the sides of our nose, which can sometimes make us have a sort of puppet face.

But wrinkles are not the only way that bad mood makes you look old. Negative moods also contribute to some skin problems, such as dermatitis or dryness.

Allergic reactions and redness of the skin of the face are also more frequent when we feel angry, stressed or anxious. Some medical studies even insist that a bad mood can even accelerate the loss of skin collagen, which begins to occur naturally after we turn 30.

Bad mood makes you look old… as well as worsening your health

bad mood makes you look old

The wrinkles on your face might not be your main concern. But you should know that a bad emotional health can have many other consequences in our body, and some of them are quite serious.

For starters, stress and a bad mood are directly related to coronary heart disease and in particular with an increased risk of suffering from heart attacks or strokes. In addition, they’re two of the causes most closely related to obesity. Because when we feel anxious we tend to eat uncontrollably, especially foods rich in sugars and fats.

In addition, a bad mood, depression, fear, and other emotional problems cause us insomnia and fatigue, and these end up making us live a more sedentary life.

So if you’re worried about your health and your looks, you know what you should do. Fight against negative emotions and laugh, because you will make your face look much younger for longer.

bad mood makes you look old