Artificial foods: think you know what you’re eating?

Artificial foods: treats and candy

Every child loves candy. These small, rubbery treats in vibrant colors make the little ones jump with joy.

Sweets and treats are not a thing of today. They have existed for a long time. Think of licorice, praline, chetnuts…. only today the catalogue is never ending. And most treats today are artificial foods.

We bet that, once you’ve discovered what they’re made of, you will never let your son eat them again. Approximately 50% of the gummies are sugar. And the rest?

They also contain jelly. Logical, right? But if we tell you that felly comes from the collagen found in the tendons, skin, cartilage and bones of animals, it does not seem so appetizing anymore.

In any regular gummy you will also find traces of egg or beeswax. An what about the nice colors?

The reddish tones come from a tiny and unappetizing creature: the cochineal. The oranges are made through bixin, the seed of a tree. Dark fruits such as blueberries or red grapes serve to create violet tones. And so on and on and on.

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